Thursday, September 6, 2007

Disney Is Banned

in our household, that is. Lately the kids have been into watching Disney films - more of Lolli's doing since she is into all the princess stuff. Her latest favorites have been Cinderella and Snow White.

Yesterday at the library, we checked out "Cars" for 'Shroom (he loves the red race car Lightening McQueen) and "Snow White" for Lolli. They couldn't wait for me to read to them "Snow White" as they had just seen the movie on video during our San Jose trip last week.

They knew all about the evil queen who turned herself into an old hag to fool Snow White. They watched the movie and had me read to them the book. We talked about the bad queen and they understood everything. Besides being scared during the movie when the queen turned into the old hag, 'Shroom and Lolli were totally fine when I read them the story (for the nth time!).

Last night, we made it a point for all of us to go to bed early as 'Shroom's first day of kindergarten would be the next day (this morning). Despite the good intentions of getting a good night's sleep, we all slept horribly. Between the two kids, Air Boss and I must have gotten up to calm crying kids at least four to five times last night (seemed like we had a newborn in the house). 'Shroom and Lolli were crying throughout the night because they were "afraid of the bad witch."

Well, now I know better. No more Disney stories that have bad witches or anything remotely scary - at least until the kids get over this latest phase. Thanks to Disney, perhaps 'Shroom will fall asleep in kindergarten on his first day of school!


BettyH said...

Well, it's not all bad. For instance, if Sarah doesn't want to brush her teeth, I'll ask her "do you want teeth like the wicked witch?" That usually gets her brushing pretty quickly. We have not watched "Snow White" in a very long time, and any books with the witch's picture must have that page turned very quickly (while she is hiding under a pillow or blanket).

West By East: said...

that's a cool idea! the kids don't like washing hands so perhaps I can ask "do you want bumpy ugly hands like the wicked witch?" and see if that will get them scrubbing! thanks for the tip!

Cliff W. said...

HAR HAR HAR!!! Yoyo does the same thing! She covers her eyes during witch scenes, and we have to ban certain videos. The safe ones are Cinderella...and that's about it. It's AMAZING how many scary things are in G-rated Disney movies. Yoyo hates Ursula.