Monday, April 30, 2007

The Return of an Affair

After turning my back on a torrid affair and strong affinity for the neat, predictable, and oh-so-fascinating character, I have returned to my love after a three-year long absence. Ahh . . . I never thought I would get so excited about spending more time with Excel!

We're days away from signing the Purchase & Sales agreement (okay, so this is where we were when the last deal fell through but we're praying that this one goes through), so now I'm starting to think about what comes next.

- Getting rid of our junk (requires a spreadsheet - one workbook with four worksheets)

- Finding a moving company (another spreadsheet for cost comparison purposes)

- Figuring out where to live (surprise! another spreadsheet)

- Comparing the 17 elementary schools in Torrance and the 20 elementary schools in Glendale

Welcome back, Mr. Excel. It's so good to be spending time with you again!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Mid-April Tally

To date:

4 weeks on the market
2 broker open houses
2 public open houses
18 private showings
3 offers (4 counting our FSBO offer)
$K's spend on improvements to meet buyers' demands
1 deal that fell through
2 very stressed and very anxious homeowners (not to mention listing agent as well)
2 whiney kids feeling the side effects of stressed parents

. . . and all this has nothing to do with the lastest dilemna: should we continue with plans to move to LA or should we now consider the Bay Area?

Oh - and . . .
1 phone interview and
0 job offers