Friday, January 27, 2012

Helpful Math Website

My sister knows how much I struggle to teach my children math and forwarded to me this math website.  While I haven't spent much time looking through the links, I did read the "about" section about this blogger.  He's a dad who's helping his two daughters learn math and has created over 7,000 worksheets for them (and all of us!) to use.

At a quick glance, I knew enough to bookmark this page for future reference and use.  I thought I would post it here and share it all with you since it looks like such a helpful site.  Feel free to leave a comment for "dad" on his website if it's a helpful resource to you.  It's all free!

Thanks sis for passing along this website and thanks dad for spending the time creating it and sharing with us all.  'Shroom and Lolli will thank you for it (and if they don't, my thanks alone will make up for it)!

The direct link is posted above but the actual website address is:

1/30/12 update:
I just came across another helpful math website with 11,000 different types of math drills.  The range is from simple addition to probability.  A great summer time resource to keep up the math skills!


WendyO said...

hi there - you've heard of the Khan academy site too, right? just fyi in case not. but i'm sure you have. erin's school incorporates that into the lessons for review if they have trouble with the math homework. erin likes doing the exercises too.

West By East: said...

Thanks so much WendyO for the tip! I have not heard of Khan Academy ( but when I checked it out, I had to immediately bookmark it! What an awesome FREE resource! Thanks so much for sharing it!