Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bye-bye Skye

Ironically as Air Boss gets super active on Facebook and updating his status, I find myself shying away from FB. Partly because everyone who has Air Boss as a friend on their FB knows that Skye is no longer a part of our family.

Although my husband loves me and has been great in this "finding Skye a new home" process and the kids have been awesome in praying faithfully that "Skye will find a nice family," I feel like people are judging me for wanting to give Skye to another family.

I've contacted a couple of local husky rescue groups and did some research on their websites. Luckily one rescue group didn't return my call because I found out later from their website that owners who give up their huskies are "bad owners." Yikes. Glad I never connected with them. The other rescue group was just inundated with dogs and couldn't take ours so we had to find our Skye a new home on our own.

Anyway, judge away. I did what I needed to do to preserve the sanity in my life and put my priorities and energy in the right places.

It hasn't even been an hour since Skye was adopted into her new family and the house somehow feels a bit different. I am sad that things didn't work out with Skye but I am happy that she is with a great family with two fun kids (the boy totally plays with Skye the same way as 'Shroom and the girl seems ultra-responsible like Lolli). This family has a shepherd-malamute mix who will be Skye's new playmate so I have no doubt that Skye will have lots of fun frolicking in the yard with her new canine friend. It also is heartwarming to know that this family has had a husky for years until it passed away just last year from old age. Their shep-lamute (I just totally made that up) lost close to 25 pounds since the death of their husky. He was grieving for his loss. I hope Skye can fill a little of that sadness.

We took a family photo before Skye walked out of our house. I'm hoping to post that on here shortly. In the meantime, I look forward to hearing how she is adjusting to her new home.

Bye bye, Skye. We had our moments almost from the get-go, but you were a good dog. Be a good girl and make your new family happy and proud.