Friday, October 31, 2008

Is There a Doctor in the House?

A doctor's "practice"
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For two years straight, my mom has pulled through on another Halloween costume for 'Shroom! I had ambitiously purchased a "simple" Butterick pattern from Jo-Ann fabrics so I wouldn't have to spend $15 - $25 on some cheaply made ghoulish costume (although not all store-purchased costumes are ghoulish or cheap, it's hard to find the ones that aren't AND fit 35-lb 'Shroom).

I am ashamed to say, I wimped out. I sent the pattern and the fabric to Grandma in Boston and she whipped it up and turned it around in less than a week. Yup - from mailbox to mailbox, it was less than one week! Days before Halloween, 'Shroom would excitedly tell anyone who had asked him (and even those who didn't) what he would be for halloween. "A doctor!"

He told me the other day that he wanted to a doctor who took care of kids. And gave shots. This was said the day after he received 3 shots from his pediatrician.

Once 'Shroom put on his doctor's outfit (cap, shirt, pants, and a photo I.D. around his neck), he carried himself in a more confident manner. He was more outgoing and happy and of course, he enjoyed the compliments of "oh what a cute doctor!"

Hmmm . . . I guess I should look to see if Butterick has a pattern for a "student costume" so he can wear one year round! I'll even make five -- one for each day of the week.

Thank you again Boston Grandma for coming through for 'Shroom and me!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Month in the Life of...

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So it's been almost a month since my last web log entry. Wow - where has the time gone? . . . [even though that was intended to be a rhetorical question, I will attempt to answer it myself . . . ]

In the past month:

* I've managed to cram--er--study for the next math exam and 5:30 AM study sessions have been slipping to study sessions at 6:00--and yes, as late as 6:30 AM (not much time before 'Shroom and Lolli wake up)

* I've managed to scare myself silly at realizing the next CSET (California Subject Exam for Teachers) Math exam is in less than 4 days and I still do not have a working grasp of statistics (or the freakin' calculator I'm supposed to use)

* Air Boss and I (along with kids) saw our 45th house in our four month house search

* we finally got an offer in on a home accepted (in this case, the fourth one is the charm)

* nearly lost the house to negotiations gone sour (and a listing agent with questionable ethics)

* gave notice to our landlord of our impending move

* I found out that 'Shroom's new elementary school has no room for him this year

* Lolli scored her first soccer goal and had her first assist

* I've realized that November is going to be a crazy busy month

Okay - back to studying . . .