Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Bit of Boston in LA

“Why did we have to move to LA?”

Uggh. Not a difficult question to answer (on most days) but on this particular day as we dropped off my sister and her family (with my kids' dear cousins) at LAX and my parents later on this evening at John Wayne Airport in Orange County, it was a hard one to answer.

'Shroom and Lolli, along with their cousins from Boston had been looking forward to this summer reunion even before dates and plane tickets were settled. The first of 10 days together was pure bliss for them. I even smiled as I drove our Blackhawk with four screaming excited kids (not sure my sis in the front passenger seat was smiling as much though)! To be truthful, I think my smile faded and eventually disappeared by Day Three (maybe even by the end of Day Two).

My parents came out to LA several days earlier than my sister and her family. 'Shroom and Lolli loved catching up with Poh-Poh and Goong-Goong and having them all to themselves for a few days before their cousins came. My parents were here early enough to celebrate my milestone birthday so that was special. My sister and her family eventually made it in before midnight so they technically were here for my birthday, too!

We all had fun parading around parts of LA and Orange County in our various Angry Bird shirts (okay, some of us had more fun than others). It was a vacation of “firsts” in many ways:
- first time vacationing with Skye
- first time kids tried out a jacuzzi
- first time going to the local farmer's market twice in one week just to get the kettle corn
- first time hosting my So Cal cousins and their families for a backyard BBQ

Anyway, it was a fun visit (and a very sad and quiet ride back from the airport). 'Shroom and Lolli are already looking forward to next year's reunion!

Photo credits: sis, Air Boss