Tuesday, September 3, 2013

What I Did This Summer...

....was live without a kitchen for almost 8 weeks.  Although summer ended two weeks ago when school began, we are still operating without a kitchen.  Over the past couple of months, our home has been whittled down to one bathroom (down from 3) and about 500 SF (down from 2,100).

I've tried not to complain about it because I know that to have the financial means to renovate a 40+ year old kitchen and tiny master bathroom is a luxury.  Despite this thinking, I'm beginning to reach my limit.  And while I think the construction workers in our home are super nice, I'm wanting to give them the boot and reclaim my house (minus the huge dumpster on my driveway and the 200 pounds of dust covering every surface on every piece of furniture in every room).

Something about seeing washed breakfast bowls next to the toenail clipper on the bathroom counter just doesn't feel right.  Nor does the rice cooker steaming our lunch next to 'Shroom's not-quite-thoroughly-cleaned-orthodontics render a healthy (or any) appetite in me.

With my fingers and toes crossed, we should be able to cook our first meal in the kitchen within the next week.  And I'll be able to take care of personal business in my new bathroom without elementary school aged children entering without the prerequisite knock.

Framing of new master bath

What a difference 5 (long) weeks makes! (don't mind the trash barrel)

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