Friday, September 13, 2013

Things I’ve Accomplished This Week

Sometimes I feel frustrated when I don’t think I’ve accomplished anything this week.  During these times, it makes me feel better to write down the things I’ve accomplished so it appears that I’ve actually done something.  So here goes….my list for this week:

1. Vacuumed, dusted, and wet-mopped the first floor (after the contractors left – yay!) just in time for it to get dirty/dusty again when the painters arrived (boo)

2.  Spent three days unpacking my kitchen stuff and cooked for the first time in over eight weeks

3.       Sat on a chair and ate dinner at our dining room table like a civilized person

4.       Had Air Boss ask his doctor (who happens to be my doctor as well) a personal GYN question on my behalf

5.       Got super frustrated at ‘Shroom for losing a math assignment (which only took two full days to complete), a graphic organizer to a composition assignment, and his library book all within 24 hours (we eventually found 2 out of the 3 but a lot of time was wasted)

6.       Added a scum sucker (Plecostomos) to our little fish tank so we wouldn’t have to clean the tank so often; two days later, the tank is clean….wonder if this little sucker can live outside of water…like in my living room, my kitchen, the dusty corners of my house….

7.       Began reading Enders Game with the kids after we had to give up on The Fellowship of the Ring less than two chapters from the end; unfortunately the Tolkein  book is lost under plastic tarp somewhere  in our house

8.       Read only one book this week due to a somewhat chaotic schedule

9.       Had a botched morning run when I thought that I had “cheated” by running 5 minutes less than my required run; made up for it in the next run only to realize that I had skipped a week in the schedule and was running longer than required (note to self: figure out how to read training schedules)

10.   Got up before 6 AM every day this week so far

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